Growing pains

I am poking at this thing again after another long hiatus. Some things might be broken for a while as I had to get creative to update all my back end while keeping things as intact as possible. Read More

GTX 470…getting with the times

My only Black Friday purchase was picking up one of these from NewEgg for less than a 1GB GTX 460. Got it installed in my i7 rig and it is blowing away my entire collection. I also picked up a cache of games from Steam for a steal including Metro 2033 and Dirt2. Haven’t download […] Read More

Long time no post

I haven’t posted in a while due to the lack of much to post about and work being rather draining as of late. But as a sign of things to come, I am posting this from my new Nexus One. Yes, I was so intrigued by my Archos 5 that I decided to finally plunge […] Read More

Money for nothin’…Micro-Transactions come to WoW

As you may or may not be aware of, Blizzard, the creators of World of Warcraft, have recently made available an in-game mount in the form of the Celestial Steed for the real world price of $25. This practice of charging real money for benefit in a virtual sense has become known as a “micro […] Read More

ASUS, my hero.

PC Perspective recently had a post about ASUS’s forthcoming ATI Radeon 5870 based ARES cards. And I am excited! Where the 5970 is essentially two 5850’s on one card, the ARES is two overclocked 5870’s on one card. WANT! Read More