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  • Brutally Awesome Apps from Brutal Damage

    Brutally Awesome Apps from Brutal Damage

    Since beginning my foray into the world of tabletop gaming, I have consumed a great many ‘Battle Reports’. Otherwise known as recordings, either pre-recorded or streamed, of people playing said tabletop games. One battle report producing channel, Brutal Damage, seems to have a rather tech savvy bunch that have designed both a score-clock app and […]

  • Growing pains

    I am poking at this thing again after another long hiatus. Some things might be broken for a while as I had to get creative to update all my back end while keeping things as intact as possible.

  • UPDATE: Repaired TriTrix Post

    I finally got around to repairing damage left by un-updated gallery plug-ins and added a few Flexi-stand centric pics as well. The post can be found HERE.

  • Long time no post

    I haven’t posted in a while due to the lack of much to post about and work being rather draining as of late. But as a sign of things to come, I am posting this from my new Nexus One. Yes, I was so intrigued by my Archos 5 that I decided to finally plunge […]

  • Concerning the Third Dimension…

    3D seems to be the next big thing in consumer electronics, whether you like it or not.

  • On the road to recovery. Literally.

    Well I will be on my way home after visiting friends for New Years soon. I am actually posting this from the Super 8 lobby that I am staying at. After getting back to the daily drag I should start getting some tech content up. I have been so excited about the coming tablet phenomenon […]

  • Things are finally coming together.

    After spending a while getting used to WordPress, I am finally getting things the way I want them. I will work on getting more old content up after I recover from New Years Eve/Weekend. I will also be working on getting some form of regular content up as well. Look for my “Living with the […]

  • New and Improved!

    I have decided to migrate my site to WordPress and will be migrating the old content over shortly. It got too laborious doing everything by hand and the overwhelming world of web-design and my limited devotion to learning any more has led me here.