Growing pains
I am poking at this thing again after another long hiatus. Some things might be broken for a while as I had to get creative to update all my back end while [...]
UPDATE: Repaired TriTrix Post
I finally got around to repairing damage left by un-updated gallery plug-ins and added a few Flexi-stand centric pics as well. The post can be found HERE.
Long time no post
I haven’t posted in a while due to the lack of much to post about and work being rather draining as of late. But as a sign of things to come, I am [...]
Concerning the Third Dimension…
3D seems to be the next big thing in consumer electronics, whether you like it or not.
On the road to recovery. Literally.
Well I will be on my way home after visiting friends for New Years soon. I am actually posting this from the Super 8 lobby that I am staying at. After [...]
Things are finally coming together.
After spending a while getting used to WordPress, I am finally getting things the way I want them. I will work on getting more old content up after I [...]
New and Improved!
I have decided to migrate my site to WordPress and will be migrating the old content over shortly. It got too laborious doing everything by hand and the [...]