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The Tempting World of Tabletop
I have tried many times to compose a blog post describing my journey into tabletop gaming, but they all end up way too detailed and self-important. So here [...]
I have somehow managed to avoid using aftermarket, dedicated screen snipping software up until recently. I have happily used Windows’ built in [...]
The Sound of Music
Recently Google, or more specifically the Chrome team, removed the ability for the Backspace key to go back a page in Chrome. This proved to be the final [...]
Lenovo Thinkpad X260
As the ‘first-call’, ‘boots-on-the-ground’ IT administrator for the family of companies I work for I need a dependable and flexible [...]
From Test-bed to Data-dump
In preparation for testing Windows 10 Betas last year I built a tester rig that was equipped enough to morph into a primary rig for someone or server of [...]
Zalman ZM-VE300 drive enclosure, miracle worker Review
Of salt and memories Any geek worth his salt has had to boot a PC or a hundred from a USB flash drive to repair, recover, or re-install. Those that are [...]
It is a Jungle(disk) out there!
...or OneDrive to fail them all. I am through and through a “Windows guy”. There was a time when I might have identified as a “Microsoft [...]
Update: DIY Router/Firewall Project
  Too Good to be True The whole ‘two machines in one box’ didn’t pan out in the long run. Not that it isn’t perfectly [...]
Review: Ducky DK9008G2-A PBT
If you have no idea what a ‘mechanical’ keyboard is and why it is a ‘thing’, I suggest you read through the rather thorough post at [...]
A ‘Not So Large’ Review: Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard/Touchpad
You might have seen my previous post referencing my desire for a new HTPC input device and how it might have been the Koribo. Well, I finally found a [...]