The site

Welcome to LargeGeek! This site is a place for me to share my technological dealings with the internet at large. As I am probably the most geeky person in most of my social circles I feel the need to share my input more widely than Twitter & Facebook. I know this will never be a huge site, but it is here for those that want it.

The geek

I am a geek in his early 30’s with a multitude of interests and practical experience if not the world class education. I live in a small town that I didn’t grow up in, hence the limited technologically inclined social interactions. While I am completely hip to modern technology, my surroundings limit my need for being on the complete cutting edge in a personal sense and gives me a unique perspective on the fast growing world of tech and its implementation.

I work in a family owned (not my family) organization that owns and runs many small businesses in a range of service industries. I have been employed there over a decade and am well entrenched enough that I don’t see that changing for a long while. Other than the never ending clerical stuff, I am defacto first call tech support. With the range of businesses and their differing needs, I deal with a wide range of issues day to day. This has given me what I consider to be a very broad pool of experience to pull from. I am as comfortable elbow deep in a dusty, half-dead server as I am desk side with a co-worker baby-stepping them through a problem. I really have no specialty other than problem solving (go INTJ’s). Technology and computers are just a system like any other that is there for me to solve and  optimize. I am one of those that every teacher thought should go into their field (was this close to being a teacher or psychologist). And as far as my tech focus goes; programming never did it for me. I loved the logic side of it, but the idea that I had to sully the pure logic by trying to wrap a language around it turned me off. The hardware and repair there of seemed to get me going (kind of a Frankenstein complex I guess). So I have always gravitated toward that. And if I was to bother going for a specific degree or certification it would be networking. I saw a long time ago that it is the backbone of everything we are doing with technology and I feel as a general rule it will be of the most benefit to know wherever I find myself.

A not so large geek anymore…

Some might be interested to know that LargeGeek ain’t so large anymore. I recently discovered the wonderful world of low carb living and have lost a significant portion of my ‘largeness’. I highly recommend the books that have led to my lifestyle change:

Why We Get Fat and What to Do About ItGary Taubes

The Rosedale DietRon Rosedale, Carol Colman