Matt’s Tool Box

This page is under construction as of 01/14/2023. It was sorely out of date.


Lenovo X260

My ‘daily-driver’ laptop if I ever actually took it with me. It has served me well enough, but don’t need a laptop available at all times like I have in the past. It has given me some screen and BIOS issues and even let me down in a pinch a few times. Not impressed with some of the design decisions with it in the long run.

Main Rig

Upgrading to a Ryzen 7xxx rig from my i7-3770 rig this year (2023). Wil update when that happens.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

I’ve gone from HTC, to Moto, to the Pixel line, and have found myself in the Samssung camp now. And it is the most satisfied I’ve been with a phone since the first Moto X. The Pixels are a never ending parade of game breaking updates and hardware decisions. Samsung has not once broken any functinoality of my phone in the year I’ve had it. While every other month Google broke some core function of my Pixels…bluetooth, phone calls (in a new way everytime), charging, notifications, etc.