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  • Magnetize Space Marine Kratos Tank

    Magnetize Space Marine Kratos Tank

    Whomever designed the Kratos kit at Games-Workshop really understands their customers. It doesn’t even need much magnetization to keep all the loadout options available. Really only the top plate of the turret needs magnets. Everything else can just be swapped out securely enough. Hull Weapons First the hull weapons. If you are careful about lining […]

  • Magnetize Imperial Knights

    Magnetize Imperial Knights

    A little video showing my fully magnetized Imperial Knight Questoris chasis. I used a magnet kit from The Magnet Baron.

  • The Tempting World of Tabletop

    The Tempting World of Tabletop

    I have tried many times to compose a blog post describing my journey into tabletop gaming, but they all end up way too detailed and self-important. So here is a bulleted list. Stranger Things wakes family, friends, and myself up to the fact that Dungeons & Dragons is a thing. (this is the part that […]