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A ‘Not So Large’ Review: Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard/Touchpad
You might have seen my previous post referencing my desire for a new HTPC input device and how it might have been the Koribo. Well, I finally found a [...]
Koribo. I might have found my HTPC input device, but there’s a catch.
PC Perspective posted a link to a review at NeoSeeker of a few of Koribo’s products that intrigued me greatly. 
Concerning the Third Dimension…
3D seems to be the next big thing in consumer electronics, whether you like it or not.
Boxee goes for another round against WinMC and stays standing…at least in my book
Boxee as you may or may not know is a media center program for PC’s & Apple TV. I have used Boxee on and off since they started inviting Windows [...]
TriTrix DIY Speakers & Flexi-Stand
Here is a repost of my DIY speakers. For the faithful out there.