Koribo. I might have found my HTPC input device, but there’s a catch.

Koribo Leira
Koribo Leira — Credit: Koribo.com

PC Perspective posted a link to a review at NeoSeeker of a few of Koribo’s products that intrigued me greatly. 

As you can assume from my past posts showing off my media center I need a decent wireless input method. Right now I use the wireless mouse & KB  that came with the HP that I have since modified (read: put a hole in it to cool the Radeon 4870 that now resides within). They get the job done, but have become rather cumbersome over the past couple years. I have recently been shopping around for a decent compact KB/mouse  combo in a single unit, but have yet to pull the trigger on any as the reviews and availability of most on the market are ‘inconsistent’.

The Koribo Leira specifically seems to fit what I want and it along with most f their line-up seems to be getting ‘consistently’ good reviews from a number of sites. The catch mentioned in the title is that they do not yet have North American distributors, making getting a hold of one rather tricky unless I want to drop my life savings on 500 units or arrange a sample unit which opens up a whole other can of worms.

I have subscribed to their newsletter and look forward to their availability State-side.









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