The Tempting World of Tabletop

I have tried many times to compose a blog post describing my journey into tabletop gaming, but they all end up way too detailed and self-important. So here is a bulleted list.

    • Stranger Things wakes family, friends, and myself up to the fact that Dungeons & Dragons is a thing. (this is the part that gets long winded, the fact that I can be so into so many facets of geek culture, but somehow DnD completely passed me by)
    • We dive head first into it and discover a plethora of other games.
    • X-Wing Miniatures brings cousin into wargaming.(Brother and I already owned it, but it failed to alert us to just how big all this was)
    • We both click onto Star Wars: Armada in a big way.
    • The pending release of Star Wars: Legion has us looking into it’s competition.
    • Warmachine/Hordes grabs me big time and we have been going big with that since.
    • Add Warhammer: Age of Sigmar to the list…mostly because of this guy. I always thought the Man-Bat from Batman TAS was awesome, so this miniature is enough to get my attention in a big way.

Long story short. All this was under our noses the whole time, but there was absolutely no scene in our neck of the woods and every pop culture reference to any of this stuff made it all seem like it died in the 80’s.

And now here is a bunch of pretty pictures.

My Wargame Terrain

Gothic Ruins

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Gothic ruins made with Pegasus Hobbies Gothic buildings kit.

My Warmahordes Miniatures 


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The start of my Trollbloods army from the 2-Player Battlebox



Star Wars Armada Accouterments



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