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Boxee goes for another round against WinMC and stays standing…at least in my book
Boxee as you may or may not know is a media center program for PC’s & Apple TV. I have used Boxee on and off since they started inviting Windows [...]
On the road to recovery. Literally.
Well I will be on my way home after visiting friends for New Years soon. I am actually posting this from the Super 8 lobby that I am staying at. After [...]
Things are finally coming together.
After spending a while getting used to WordPress, I am finally getting things the way I want them. I will work on getting more old content up after I [...]
TriTrix DIY Speakers & Flexi-Stand
Here is a repost of my DIY speakers. For the faithful out there.
New and Improved!
I have decided to migrate my site to WordPress and will be migrating the old content over shortly. It got too laborious doing everything by hand and the [...]