Category: PC

  • DIY Virtual Router & Server

    My foray into the world of custom routers and virtualization.

  • Money for nothin’…Micro-Transactions come to WoW

    As you may or may not be aware of, Blizzard, the creators of World of Warcraft, have recently made available an in-game mount in the form of the Celestial Steed for the real world price of $25. This practice of charging real money for benefit in a virtual sense has become known as a “micro […]

  • ASUS, my hero.

    PC Perspective recently had a post about ASUS’s forthcoming ATI Radeon 5870 based ARES cards. And I am excited! Where the 5970 is essentially two 5850’s on one card, the ARES is two overclocked 5870’s on one card. WANT!

  • New Build Status: Pending…

    I received all the components for my new build on Friday 

  • Nu Kompooterz!

    I recently picked my gaming addiction back up and decided a new desk-based rig was needed. My original gaming rig is now part of my home theater and I could only take the “lap desk” so long.

  • Boxee goes for another round against WinMC and stays standing…at least in my book

    Boxee as you may or may not know is a media center program for PC’s & Apple TV. I have used Boxee on and off since they started inviting Windows users into the alpha. At CES this year, Boxee has unveiled the Boxee Box. The Boxee Box is a set-top box that runs, you guessed […]